10 New Year Career Resolutions You Should Make.


New year resolutions normally center around staying happy, getting in shape, controlling expenses, getting a better job. Many of us make new career resolutions like “I will get a better job”, “I will get a promotion” etc. but after sometime forget to harness these goals.

Below are 10 resolutions you should make this New Year:

  1. I will build and update my resume.

When was the last time you had a thorough look at your resume?  Is your resume updated? Is it carrying sufficient information? Is it attractive enough? Your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own.  When your resume works, you work, when it doesn’t, you don’t. The first thing as a resolution should be to update your resume as per the current hiring needs.

  1. I will review and update my LinkedIn profile.

Current scenario, recruiters are using LinkedIn too frequently to access the profile and other information about the candidates. It’s high time you should keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your work and personal information.  Another thing to keep in mind is to stay active on LinkedIn and keep accessing the different job openings relevant to your skills. You can install LinkedIn jobs on your mobile so as to have frequent access.

  1. I will have work -life balance.

Work is really important and you should not compromise with it but as is your family. Remember you can always get another job but your family is something which really deserves your time and affection.  Ensure you give it them as much as you can while managing your professional obligations.

  1. I will strive for my professional survival.

Make 2018 the year you replace your blind loyalty towards the organization to your enlightened self interest.  Work and work at your best with your employer but not at the expense of what is best in yourself interest.  Make a commitment to invest in your self in learning new things and getting a greater control over your professional  and financial destiny.

  1. I will develop career management tools needed to succeed.

In order to achieve your career goal, the most important professional skill you can develop is:

How to write a really effective resume

How to be ready for job interviews

How to do offer negotiation

How to secure your job and win promotion.

How to plan your career growth and move

  1. I will focus on building my professional Network.

Most of the time, people don’t understand and appreciate the importance of professional network until they are in job search and realize they don’t have one.  In today’s professional world when there is a job insecurity everywhere, professional connectivity is really important not only as a transitory demand of job search but also as an ongoing career responsibility.

  1. I will stay up to date.

Professional world makes a shift quite often. Introduction of newer technology makes the older technology obsolete. It’s really important to be quite aware of these shifts, changes and update yourself according to the demand in professional world.

  1. I will organize my life.

Commit to be more organized.  Decide on few things you would really want to organize. Few of them could be separating your professional and personal social media spheres.  Cleaning up your inbox.  Making a to do list. Figuring out ways to keep yourself more productive and efficient.

  1. I will invest in training & development.

Many people make a mistake of leaving their career development up to their current employer. But in time of expense watching and cost cutting, this approach could be a risk and short – sighted. Trust me, no one is more in tune with your current skill then you do. Professional associations, local college, online courses and training programs provide many training opportunity which you can think of taking up. Think of doing a professional certification.

  1. I will manage my mantel game.

Things take time to happen, so do the professional goals. You must understand that you are participating in a professional marathon rather than a hundred meter race. Pay attention to your stress level.  Taking too much of it will really not take you anywhere. Take care of your nutrition, exercise as they shape your body and brain chemistry.

No matter what has been your track record with your New Year resolutions, but you can create a newer outcome by the commitment you make to yourself towards improving your professional growth. With right focus, you would be able to keep your resolutions and make 2018 your best year.