10 skills you should learn for becoming a good recruiter in 2018


10 skills you should learn for becoming a good recruiter in 2018

How many of us think of becoming a HR Manager in our childhood?

Yet great deal of us tries our hands on recruitment some times in our career. Though its easy to enter in recruitment, only few are able to sustain beyond 1-2 years. Since many companies –big and small are in competitions in recruitment, recruiters don’t earn a high regard sometimes, also due to the pay scale. You can understand it with a normal scenario of small companies with Low basic and high commission / incentive in the salary part with little benefits and large companies with high base pay, moderate commissions and generous benefits on the salary part.

For those, who have already sustained in the industry and wants to be the best, below are 10 skills they should excel into:

1. Listening Skills:

One of the most important attribute of a really effective recruiter is the good listening skills. Only if you are really listening to your client and the candidate, you will be able to give them a solution. You listen, you understand and then you can decide and do your work effectively.

2. Relationship building /Networking:

Recruitment is a people driven job wherein you get to deal with many and different variety of people every day. Having a great relationship building skill with all the people you interact with is very crucial.

3. Communication Skills:

Effective communication skills is a backbone of recruitment whether it is face to face or via telecon or email etc. The kind of conversation you are doing with your candidate would get you into the relationship management and handling the situation tactfully. E.g. being a recruiter many a times you need to be tactful instead of being straight forward like, instead of saying “you are rejected in the interview” you can say “you have great skills but just that you met us at a wrong time”.

4. Dig Deeper:

Just having relevant skills is not enough. Being a recruiter, you must understand the drive of the candidate for the job change and role and culture of the company so that you can understand the fitment and work accordingly.

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5. Continuous self-improvement:

You must ensure that you are up scaling your skills as per the demand in the market so as to avoid becoming obsolete. You must be aware of new trends, new skills, involvement and updation of technology etc.

6. Get the definition of job rather than definition of the person:

Gone are those days when you were getting a requirement and jumped to search for the resume. Start understanding the job in length in order to understand the fitment and have a right approach. Try and get performance objective rather than having a generic set of skills and competencies to search for.

7. Proactive Approach:

Instead of only focusing on the current hiring needs, you must also be concerned about the future hiring requirements so that you have a clear picture of the upcoming demands and be prepared for the same.

8. Regular Tracking of efforts:

Just doing the work and not having a proper tracking might lead you to loose the track and analyze the outcome. You must start using recruitment tools and metrics to keep a track of the same and do proper analysis.

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9. Compensation negotiation:

You should make the candidate understand the job, the roles and responsibilities first then negotiate the compensation part. Once you are showing the candidate good career move compensation becomes secondary.

10. Initiate a debriefing session:

Being a recruiter you are well aware of interview biasedness. You must lead a debriefing session on the reason for rejections so that good candidates get their fair chance.
Just a little change in the approach, doing things differently and more efficiently will lead you excel your work.