12 Alternative Career Choices After Recruitment

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Sometime back, while having a casual conversation during a get-together,  a friend of mine asked me a question “What are other career alternatives after recruitment”. This question put me on thinking and I finally thought of writing a blog highlighting the areas where people can opt for after their years spent in recruitment career.

There is no doubt that working in recruitment industry gives you an immense amount of learning. As you get experience and grow, you acquire the skills and your progression starts from closing junior roles to senior and big billing roles and then may be followed by your own search consultancies.  The best part is, some of the skills that good recruiters possess are really niche and make them an invaluable resource for any company.

Here are some areas where these skills of yours can lead you to success.

    1. Public Relation jobs

If you dig dip in understanding the profile and role of PR of any company, the role majorly focuses on managing the reputation of the company and influence others opinion through media and communication.  You recruitment career teaches you to sell your company to the candidate and vice versa. This experience of yours will help you position your company better in front of your audience.

2. Content Writing

Recruitment career gives you a wide exposure to different industries and gives you a chance to interact with professionals across levels and across geography.  Those who have an interest in writing can utilize this versatile exposure and do quality content writing.  In today’s digital space, you just need to search for companies who are looking for content writers.

3. Social Media

Being a good recruiter, you have got good exposure to social media. You have been using this platform for doing hiring for your clients, interacting with your candidates etc. If you are a social media expert, you can think of going for providing online services, consulting or a training in social media hiring.

4. Sales

Selling is again a good option for recruiters.  If we talk about recruitment career, technically all recruiters end up doing sales. Selling the company to the candidate and vice versa. Being a recruiter, you are already habitual of facing objections, rejections and handling a different set of people and their queries regarding your client and the job roles and finally ending up closing the position by identifying the exact match. You can definitely have an edge over others when it comes to selling.

5. Career Counsellor

Being a recruiter, your role is much more than just sourcing a Cv and sending it to your client.  You have to get involved in the counseling your candidate regarding their career choices,  the moves they should be making.  It has been your day to day activity and sometimes you may feel like you would have taken psychology as a subject during studies J. You can opt for this field as a career option as well.

6. HR Generalist role

You, as a recruiter can look for moving to a generalist profile where a similar set of skills are required like organizing, effective communication, negotiations, and sometimes internal recruitment to an extent.

7. Client engagement

If you are looking for a safer option and you are good at engaging people in conversation and doing negotiations with them, moving to a client engagement role is a safer option for you.  This will require building strong relations with your clients as recruitment is more or less a relationship-driven business.

8. Marketing

Trust me, if you are a good recruiter, you can really have an edge over others when it comes to marketing.  It would really be difficult for anyone to beat your negotiation skills, your communication skills, your conversion of cold calling leads and your expertise in social media.  Try it.

9. Background Verification

Spending years in recruitment, we already know how to get the details of the candidates which they might not have shared with you. May it be their contact detail or understanding the team and reporting hierarchy or understanding their performance. Choosing Background verification as a career option is a good choice for you where you can again have an edge on others being a recruiter.

10. General Counselling

Best recruiters know that in order to place a candidate, they not only need to know his career motivation but his personal motivations as well which can influence his decisions. These personal areas can often include his family background, marital status, wife, children, native place, hobbies, interests etc.  Utilizing your across industry experience and your experience of dealing with a number of candidates as a day to day activity and understanding their mindset, you can go for opting this as your career alternative.

11. Trainings

Having a background of recruitment, getting indulge in conversations with people and converting them makes you strong in conversion and motivation. You can utilize these skills and opt for training as well. If needed, you can go for doing some training certifications also to start with and get an entry in the training domain.

12. Events

Many times, business networking companies prefer to hire recruiters for their ability to network efficiently since recruiters are blessed with the quality of confidence, outgoing and conversion. You can think of joining an event company or starting an agency of your own.

Good recruiters have plenty of other career choices than the ones mentioned above. The career in recruitment is rewarding but it can be tough. If you feel it is not a job you wanted, you can definitely go ahead applying for other roles based on the skill sets recruitment has taught you.  It is definitely a great job to teach you business related skills. Let me help you out in getting the desired job. Check out the link for How to write an effective resume and if you need tips in clearing the interviews, you must check on this link 11 tips to crack an interview