20 “Not To Do” things in interview

not to do things in interview

You are going for an interview, excited about your dream job and the company but it might become a “not my day“ with few mistakes you would not even realize.  It happens many times that when you worry so much about fixing every little detail and making it right, it is natural and easy to forget about the things that could go wrong. According to employers, the most detrimental mistakes candidates make are very common, couldn’t be recognized but works as blunders during interviews.

What shouldn’t you do while facing an interview?  Read the top 20 job interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Not doing proper Research

You may think you can fake it till the time you make it, but it really doesn’t work here. This can be the biggest mistake you make while going for an interview. You might be an expert in your field but you don’t know the model on which company works. You must do proper research before going for the interview about the job, responsibilities, who are going to be your interviewer, major news.

  1. Fake information on the CV

Don’t lie on you Cv. Mention the things which you have done and not just to showcase. This is definitely going to damage your reputation in front of your employer. Imagine a situation when you are caught up with the fake information provided during interview and kind of embarrassment you will have to face because of it. If you want help in creating an effective resume, check on the link here 25 Things for Writing Effective Resume

  1. Unnecessary Props

Do not put your mobile phone, nail file, watch or a drink you are carrying on the table. Neither have chewing gum while appearing for an interview as these are unnecessary props and creates a distraction and gives a poor reflection of yours.

  1. Don’t get personal

Trust me your interviewer is not going to be impressed with your sob story of your debt, your needs or personal or family problems. Don’t showcase, how much needy you are for the job. This will turn your employer off.  Let your talent, knowledge, and confidence speak.

  1. Don’t be late

Reaching late than the scheduled time and making your interviewer wait has already created a bad first impression of yours in his eyes.  You might be having valid excuses but remember, your employer will not like that as he has other scheduled appointments or works as well. It will reflect that you don’t value his time either yours.

  1. Dressing

Never ever make a mistake of appearing for the interview in your casuals. You might be very talented and might be having a great fashion sense, but a formal attire is a formal attire and it should be your choice while appearing for the interview. To know more on your dress code queries, check on the link here Confused About Dress code for Interview?

  1. Rambling or unclear responses

Structure your thoughts before answering, just rambling the answers without making much sense, is definitely not going to help you, neither it is going to make sense to your employer. Neither be too loud nor do mumbling.

  1. Poor or improper Body language

A bent shoulder, a casual sitting, lack of eye contact,  a not so good posture reflects negatives on your personality during your interview. Remember, your body language talks more than what your words say.

  1. Talking Smack about your past employer.

Never ever talk trash about your past employer.  Whether it is your boss, your co-workers, or the company. This reflects poorly on you.  If at all you had a negative impression, take it as a learning, this will allow you to be authentic to your employer.  Trust me this would be the ultimate sin you will be committing in a job interview.

  1. Failing to ask right questions

Most of the time, during your job interview, you will be asked whether you have any question about the job ?. It is critical to ask questions as it shows your genuine interest for the job. You must know what you should be asking from your Interviewer. Check on the details here 14 Questions you should ask your interviewer.

  1. Talk about your accomplishments and not the history

It is, of course, important to talk about your work done and process involved but it is furthermore important to include your results of the work done. You must highlight your work accomplishments during your interview. You must mention at least 2 bullet points of accomplishments in each job of yours. After all, every employer wants to hire an achiever. To know more about the same, check the link here Your Personal Branding.

It is absolutely normal to be nervous during your interview. Your interviewer also knows that and would be ok with it until the time you are not making blunders like the things mentioned above.

  1. Discussing Money and offs

Asking questing doesn’t mean you are invited to ask just anything that comes to your mind. I am sure you must be curious about the kind of offer you would be getting but it’s not advisable to discuss money at interview table unless and until an offer is made to you. Neither discuss leaves and holidays before the offer.

  1. Cursing

Many a time a situation might come, where you might feel the conversation is not turning up the way it should be. You must not lose your patience and must not argue with your interviewer. This is going to hamper you in a long run.

  1. Appear disinterested

Every employer wants to hire someone who could bring fresh ideas and energy to the team. If you sound disinterested, slouch, yawn during the interview, fail to show your enthusiasm for the role and the opportunity, the employer is definitely going to get a message that you are getting bored and are not much interested in the role.

  1. Answering a phone call or text during your interview

It looks very rude and discourteous to answer a phone call or texting someone during the interview. It shows a disrespect towards the interviewer and his time. You must switch off or keep your phone silent while entering into the building.

  1. Not paying attention

Getting distracted and missing questions look bad.  This will show your lack of focus and your employer might think how would you be able to concentrate and stay focused for hours if you are not able to do so for an hour during the interview.  You must stay engaged, maintain eye contact, lean forward slightly while talking to your interviewer.

  1. Too much of talks

The interviewer doesn’t like someone who just goes on and on and on, he would not be interested in your entire life story. You must keep your answers to the point, crisp and focused.

  1. Not giving specifications as your strength

The interviewer wants to know exactly how you demonstrated your leadership, hard-working, team player quality. Not giving specifications would not convince your interviewer of these traits. You must put specifications like how you earned recognition or award on your achievement, how you implemented something new in the team to increase productivity etc.

  1. Over Confidence

Being confident of your abilities and expressing your fitment for the role to your interviewer is good but overdoing it can work against you. You must show your eligibility for the job but you must not showcase that you want or own that job to your interviewer.

  1. Not following up

Doing a follow up for your interview shows your interest for the role and your result. It’s good to drop a polite email asking for the feedback of your interview.