22 Most Frequently asked questions in HR round for Freshers

HR round FAQ's for freshers

Final year of your studies and you want to give your best in your campus selection. Companies have started visiting your campus. Your professors have taught you all the topics relevant to your subject and clubbing your hard work, you are able to qualify the business rounds. Now its time for HR round of discussion. You must not take it lightly. HR round of discussion is not only meant for a salary negotiation but much more than that.
HR professionals of the company are the once who actually analyze a professional on a softer aspect. It can be the behavioural aspect, the attitude and values a person carries etc. I am listing below few of the aspects which HR analyze while having an interaction with you and a miss on it may cost you a job.

1. Did you find any difficulty in reaching here?
The motive behind asking this question is to make you comfortable in the space and for the interview.

2. Tell me about yourself
One of the most commonly asked question in the Interview. This question works as a ground work for the rest of the Interview. The answer to this question would require the brief introduction of your education, family background covering the professions of your father and mother, number of siblings you have and some of your interests and hobbies. Don’t go into too much of detail in this.

3. Why should we hire you?
With this question, the interviewer wants you to speak about your USP i.e Unique selling point. Ensure you are talking about your USP which has relevance in context to the role you are applying for.

4. Your strength and weakness?
The Idea behind asking this question is to understand how much you are aware of yourself. Your positives and negatives. Articulate your answer in a way it should support the current role and responsibility you are applying at the company.

5. How do you handle a challenging situation?
The purpose behind asking this question is to get into your skin and understand how you handle a tough situation and what approach and maturity level you are using for the same. This question helps your interviewer in understanding your emotional strength which will help you grow and manage things in the organization.

6. Your hobbies and interests?
Your hobbies and Interest shows the kind of a person you are. There is nothing wrong or right when it comes to your hobbies. It works as a reflection of your personality. By this question Interviewer might want to analyze you are a team player or an individual expert, you are an introvert or an extrovert and many other things.

7. Openness for flexibility
They would want to know your openness and flexibility towards learning and opportunity. They would need to understand if you have any constraints or boundaries when it comes to travelling and learning in different geographies. More flexible you are, more growth opportunities will encounter you.

8. What do you know about the company?
This question is thrown at you to understand your interest in the company and your presence of mind. Are you really interested in being associated with the company or it’s your peer factor or something else which has driven you to give the interview?

9. What are your expectations from your first job?
1st day of your job and you cannot be getting a private cabin and a chauffeur driven car. You need to set your expectations right. By putting this question, they would be analyzing what you actually expect from the job. Do you actually understand the role? Are you going way too superficial and not intending to understand and do any ground work.

10. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?
An answer to this question will let your interviewer understand your approach towards the work. How are you going to accomplish a task assigned? How do you formulate a strategy to complete your work and what level of thoughts would you be putting in it.

11. Are you open to relocate or travel?
People who have travel and relocation constraints are less likely to be preferred. It is believed that as a fresher you should be keen in grabbing the maximum opportunity of learning and growing, wherever you get. For that, you should be open to travel as well if that opportunity lies in any other location.

12. What motivates you to do a better work?
Again a question, answer to which will let your interviewer understand your driving factors at work. People have different motivation factors, may it be Money, learning, travel, recognition, brand etc. HR needs to understand your driving factor among these.

13. What annoys you?
Many a time, HR tends to understand your shortcoming which you might or might not be aware of. May it be a pressure at work, a strict deadline to meet, micro management, what is there which let you lose your patience?

14. Give me an example of your creativity?
This question becomes more important once you are applying for a creative agency or a role which requires creativity. They would definitely need someone who can be creative and can generate ideas.

15. What are your career options right now?
Your interviewer wants to understand how much of market understanding you are carrying in terms of jobs availability and its demand and supply phenomenon.

16. Would you lie for the company?
This question is asked to check on your integrity. Be careful while answering to it.

17. What is the toughest decision you have ever made?
An answer to this question will lead your interviewer know what level of maturity you have and how much of pressure can you handle. Also, what approach you use in handling a particular situation.

18. What is the toughest situation you have ever faced?
An answer to this question gives you a chance to highlight your strength on your tackling the situation strongly and how much of pressure you can bear in a given work related situation without collapsing.

19. How do you define success and how do you measure it?
This question intends to understand your priority in life and your intentions behind looking for the job. It will help the interviewer understand your driving factors at work place. Is it money, is it learning or something else.

20. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
The Idea behind asking this question is to understand what your aspirations are. How long are you planning to be with the company and if you have any immediate plans in mind?

21. How much salary do you expect?
By asking this question, HR wants to understand how much you worth yourself and if money is a highly motivating factor for you. Also, they would be keen in knowing how much of market understanding you have in terms of career options available and packages available in the market. Whether you are going too superficial or you are going too low on self-confidence.

22. Do you have any question for me?
This question intends to check your curiosity about your role and your keenness in understanding the responsibilities and joining the company. You must ask relevant questions while answering to this question.

Though there are a lot many questions which could be added in the list, but the above the mentioned are the once which you must know while preparing for an HR round