Howdy friends,

Welcome to The Recruiting Insights, A platform created to help people get hired.

Here is what you will find on the platform.

  • Insights on Recruitment industry in order to understand the trends and process adopted by the company.
  • Different Interview process and what all things one must do to crack the interviews.
  • Understanding of Assessment techniques for the evaluation of applications for the role.
  • Career Management advice at different steps and ladders of your career.
  • Different hiring, performance management strategies and adopted by the companies to manage their working, deliverables, and performance.
  • Updates and changes in Human Resource world.
  • As recruiters, you will find a guide to understanding different hiring Tools and Techniques and lots for sourcing tips.

My passion for writing took me to the idea of creating a blog in the month of Jan 2017. Well all of us have a friend who encourages us when we decide upon something. Don’t we?  I loved to read and write about the changes happening in the industry and its impact on people, their jobs and their performance so started writing few random blogs on free word press Site.

Very soon this random writing started taking a shape and Industry specifications. Being an HR professional many a times I used to encounter many questions related to Jobs, confusion on rejections, interview process and career management etc. The idea of creating this blog is to genuinely help people in understanding the facts, hiring process and what should be their approach while switching their jobs.

About Sweta (That’s ME) 

I am Sweta Singh. I am the founder of The Recruiting Insights and have a tag line of Excellence.

My origins are from Jharkhand and completed my higher studies in Delhi i.e MBA – HR from Amity University, Noida. I got placed in a company as recruitment professional and have worked in different markets like India, US, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Dubai. I have working exposure in the versatile domain like Analytics, Management Consulting, Finance, Risk, Information technology. Research and development etc.

It took me a while to get where I am in life today. After a few stormy turbulent years, I can say I am content with itchy feet.

I started the blog out of my passion for writing and sharing whatever I have learned.

I started from a free site of WordPress and very soon I proceeded to purchase a domain officially. I found blogging as a great medium of sharing whatever I have learned and whatever has worked for me so far.

And that’s how The Recruiting Insights was born.

When I am not blogging I love to travel. The World is so beautiful and I want to see much more of it.

Quick List :

Love: travel, books, movies, pizza, sweets, chocolates, music, I am a non-veggie (I believe in tasting every verity of food that exists on the planet), rains, sea, trees, nature, green tea and the list goes on and on.

Hate:  pessimism, poor attitude, overly crowded place, spitting, fake commitments.

So, welcome to my blog !!