Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Recruitment

We are hearing a lot of noise about Artificial Intelligence and how it is going to impact the business and jobs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted almost every industry and recruitment industry is also not spared from it. AI uses machine learning, Natural language processing for troubleshooting and problem-solving. As per an article published in Undercover Recruiter, We are already using AI but not noticing it because it is embedded in any technology. Few of them you can relate to are IBM Watson, Google Deepmind etc.

Will it eliminate the jobs in the market? Yes.  The jobs which are repetitive, redundant and administrative in nature will get eliminated. The one of the most affected industry will be service industry with a huge impact on developers and other technical roles as the machine will take over. Many new roles and positions will emerge and training the resources to meet the demand will be critical.

The question arises, How is AI going to impact recruitment industry?  According to sources, and a discussion with HR fraternity, there is going to be significant job losses due to the adoption of Artificial intelligence and Robotics.

We will be doing a scenario analysis of how and where AI is going to have its impact in the recruitment industry.  For analyzing the same, we will first jot down the different aspects which are there in recruitment space and if they can be automated or not.

Scope of work Automation Status
Lead Generation Can be Automated
Client Conversation Can Not be automated
Client presentation Can Not be automated
Negotiations and deal closure Can Not be automated
Cross selling and Up selling Can Not be automated
Client Relationship Management Can Not be automated
Understanding client’s value chain and business Can Not be automated
Suggesting client on the right fit candidate for the role Can Not be automated
Sourcing the candidate Can be Automated
Screening of candidate Can be Automated
Scheduling the Interviews Can be Automated
Selling the company & role to candidate Can Not be automated
Expectation setting of the candidate Can Not be automated
Sending the shortlisted candidate to client Can Not be automated
Interview process Can Not be automated
Manage final candidate selection Can Not be automated
Offer negotiation and closure of candidate Can Not be automated


It is interesting to note that all repeatable, administrative and process oriented tasks can be automated but tasks, where human touch is required, cannot be automated. Just that majority of recruiters’ work would be moving to human oriented task leaving all the administrative and repetitive tasks automated.

There are definitely some positive aspect as well of AI on recruitment which cannot be ignored. Few of them are jotted below:

  1. Automation of repetitive task like resume screening, interview scheduling etc will save recruiters’ time and they would be having more time for aspects which require more human touch like candidate engagement and closure of the role.
  2. AI can reduce unconscious biasedness during recruitment process by not considering the information like age, native place, gender etc.
  3. AI can help in improving the feedback mechanism and candidate experience with continuous updates being given to them.
  4. AI will also help in identifying the passive candidates who can be the best fit for the role.

That means the roles and tasks which require relationship building, Networking,  problem-solving, creative thinking, Strategic Thinking, design thinking, Personal Branding, negotiations and others which require human intelligence and Personal Contacts and Interactions are not going to be much affected with the automation. For those, who are in repetitive jobs and are fearing of the job loss, Check on this link to explore other career options after recruitment 12 Alternative Career Choices After Recruitment


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