Question: What are the career options available for an Economics Graduate?
~ Anik Bhattacharya
Answer: There are multiple career options available for an economics graduate. Eg. Actuarial Analyst, Data Analyst, Analytics, Economist, Credit Analyst in Banking, Statistician, Operation Research, Policy Analyst.

Question: Does backlog in any subject has any impact on the call from IIM Interviews?
~ Sapna Awasthi
Answer: Not actually. When you provide information to IIMs, they enquire your final percentage of each semester only.  But, of course, you are supposed to clear all your backlogs before the program starts. At the time of personal Interview, Interviewer if notices the backlog can enquire about that which you need to give a justifiable answer.

Question: What are the questions that are tricky and require the presence of mind to answer them?
~ Akash Jaiswal
Answer: The questions which are situation based on the case study rounds of interview. These questions don’t have any right or wrong answer. These questions just reflect your approach to solve them and required a presence of mind.

Question: Is it OK to wear a Jeans while going for an Interview?
~ Sneha Gupta
Answer: No. You should always prefer formals with pant, shirt, shoes. Your dressing shows your approach and reflects how much serious you are for the role. A casual dressing is not taken positively

Question: I have applied in 7 companies but my resume got rejected everywhere. Is it a coincidence or something is wrong with my CV?
~ Shreya Singhal
Answer: I would suggest you must recheck and rebuild your resume. I am sure there must be many scopes of improvement. There might be a possibility that your resume is not effective enough to communicate your experience. Resume works as your first interaction with the company. It must be built effectively and efficiently.

Question: What is a client round of Interview?
~ Sara Mathew
Answer: The service providing companies work for their clients on different projects. There, they need to deploy their manpower resources on different projects. The deployed resources are supposed to work with the client on their requirements. So, clients prefer to have one discussion with the resources at the time of hiring before finalizing them to check their fitment. That is called client round of Interview.

Question: Do companies abroad hire from IIMs?
~ Alpesh Awasthi
Answer: Yes. They do. Currently, the big management consulting giants like The Boston Consulting Group in their strategy Consulting Division and financial services companies like Goldman Sachs in their investment banking division, are placing candidates from IIMs outside India.

Question: What are the frequent GD Topics asked in IT companies?
~ Suraj Sharma
Answer: The group discussion topics are mostly those which is currently in news. The hot news, the controversies, politics, economic aspects of the country etc. To get more idea, you can easily Google writing most recent topics of GD and you will get the list of the topics. Some of them could be:

  • Should voters be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?
  • Modi as CM/PM
  • Skill India Program
  • H1B1 visa policy changes
  • Which one is your favourite player (Rohit Sharma or Virat Kholi)?
  • “Make in India” an initiative taken by our honourable prime minister.
  • Reservation system in India. Should be there or not?

Question: I have a start-up company. I want to hire some UI/UX designers.  How and from where should I hire them?
~ Parul Kaul
Answer: If it’s a start-up, you need a really strong person in UI/UX as user experience and feel of your website will be totally dependent on them.  You must go for people who are already working in any e-commerce company as they would be doing the same thing which you would require for your company.

Question: What things do HR see in the candidate while recruiting?
They check for the following pointer
Stability with the organization?
Their commitment level to their jobs.
Values and Integrity
Motivation factors of the candidates


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