11 Essential Tips to Crack an Interview

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Everything set and done. Your Cover letter is impressive, resume well versed and updated and now finally your resume lands to your dream company and you are waiting for the interview and seal the deal.  You ask yourself a question, “Are you prepared for the interview?”. Interviewing is a skill and there is no second chance to make a first impression.

I have already written about how to write an effective resume in my previous article 25 Things to Consider While Writing an Effective Resume. In this article, I am trying to cover all the essentials which are really important as a background work before appearing for any interview. I am not writing this article focusing on any specific industry or domain, I will cover that up later on. The tips mentioned in the article are applicable in general to every interview as a background work.

Before writing this, I looked back on my interviews, the techniques and preparation I used to ask my candidates to do, spoke to many employees of different companies and gathered this data which is presented below. I will take up individual topics in details later on.

  1. Research on Company.

Research is the foundation that is required by you as a job seeker. Before appearing for an interview, you must do some research on the Company, their business line, their quarterly report, the latest news. The best way to gather this information is to check company’s website, media coverage, their Blogs etc.  You can gather enough information while going through these sites. This information is very important for you to understand your employer and will enhance your skills.

  1. Know about your Hiring Manager and Team

You must go ahead and do some research on your hiring manager and his background. This will really help you in understanding your interviewer and you will be gaining more confidence for your interview.

  1. Do research on the role you have applied for:

Looking at the JD and applying for the role is an easy stuff. Right ? But what if you get landed on a wrong platform? It is always advisable to have a proper understanding of the role before you face your interviewer and sit with a blank face when you are asked “what do you understand from the role”? Doesn’t give a good impression at all, isn’t it?

Sufficient information is available on the web, you must go through it in details and understand the role and most importantly, what is expected from that role. This will help you set up your aspirations (I will take this topic in details in next article).

  1. Get prepared with common interview questions:

First of all, you must understand what sort of interview is it going to be. Is it going to be a technical interview or functional interview or skill interview? You must prepare yourself according to that only.

  1. Your Attire matters

Your first impression lasts the longest. Dressing sense plays a very important role when you are appearing for the interview. You must dress up according to the culture of the company.   Neat and clean dressing reflects your keenness and your strong presence. Do not put too many jewelry or very bright colors for the interview.

Try not to eat or smoke just before the interview. I am sure you would not want a cigarette smell or burping while interviewing.

  1. Be on time

You must keep some time handy so as to relax before the interview. For the same, it’s very important to arrive on time or before. This gives you space to relax and be prepared mentally and emotionally.

  1. Be real and authentic

Your answers to the questions asked by interviews should be authentic and supported by data. Again you need to make your response more structured, Focused and to the point. After all, you would not want your interviewer to stay confused or bored with your rambling answers.  Never ever provide fake information. Always remember, the Interviewer has also been in the same field since long and knows the market and trend. Providing fake information on your work done and getting caught up will leave you really embarrassed. There is no harm in saying “I don’t know” when you actually have no idea of what is being asked. Companies appreciate authenticity in the candidates.

  1. Ask questions

It’s very important that you ask relevant questions from the interviewer as this will show your keenness in the job role. Companies believe that if you are interested in the role and opportunity, you must be having questions regarding the same to ask. This should revolve around your profile and kind of work you are expected to do. Learn more on what questions you must ask your Interviewer here Questions You Must Ask From Your Interviewer

  1. Use Google alert

Referring to an article published at forbes.com, Google is the best tool to answer all your questions and keep you updated. You must stay updated with what is happening in the industry if you are preparing for the interview. Google alert is a nice tool that helps you stay updated. Make an account and you will start getting notifications matching the industry you have selected. You will not have to keep browsing for the same.

  1. Keep a tab on your social Media profiles.

As per Forbes.com, companies nowadays are getting into a trend of searching for the candidates on social Media. According to Forbes, use Social Sweepster to clean your profile. This app detects pictures with suspicious objects. In order to know more about Social Sweepster, check on the link Social Sweepster: Clean Your Social Media Image

  1. Listen

Your attentiveness towards the conversation with your interviewer can you lots of information directly or indirectly. If at all you are missing it, you are missing a major opportunity. You must observe your interviewer and match his style and pace while replying.

Though it is always good and safe to go with the traditional methods, you can also look for trying some unconventional methods in order to get noticed by your employer.

Few of the methods are listed below:

  1. Group interviews or panel Interviews are coming back. Companies prefer to go with Skype or WebEx discussions going all the way online. You must be prepared for the same.
  2. Build a relationship with the Administrative assistant: as manager’s trusted counter part, they know very well about the responsibilities, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Building a good relationship with them can help you a lot.
  3. Start at the top and go down: Here, you can opt for the idea of reaching the decision Maker instead of reaching the first level. But you must ensure to use tact, impact, and clarity during the entire process.

Allow your confidence, ability, and relaxed mindset to write the rest part of the story as these are the three most important things you would need other than your skill set and knowledge for the interview. While following this tips, you must also take care of things which should not be done while going for an Interview. You can read more about it here

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