Getting Nervous In Interviews? Learn Techniques To Make Interview Nerves Disappear.

Interview Techniques

And now “Its time”.  You are about to enter in the company to be interviewed with.  Suddenly you feel your feet getting cold, throat getting dry, the floor beneath is unforgiving and echoing your footstep with a pounding heartbeat.  You feel like having some water to wet your dry throat.

Sounding familiar?

You are not alone. This is called Interview nerves and is common.

You are going to get interviewed and you are getting nervous.  Simple.  You would want to give your best in your interview but your nerves can leave you anxious which might showcase your lack of confidence.  Well, let me help you out here. Here I will not be telling you why you are getting nervous in your interview rather, I will be telling you what you should do to reduce your interview nerves and stay calm during your interview.

  1. Relax !!  You are wanted.

The interviewer has shortlisted your resume. That means you must be having the required skill set and education they are looking for.  So, no need to be concerned about meeting that person. He already has your resume which specifies what you have done in all your years of being in the job.

2. The interviewer knows and it’s both the ways.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you are likely not the first person interviewer has ever interviewed. He must have encountered and is quite aware of the nervous candidates, so you don’t need to panic really. Another thing, It’s not only you who is getting nervous and feeling interview pressure but your interviewer also has a pressure to close the role as the company is investing and incurring the cost of the hiring.

3. Recreate the situation.

If it’s not the first interview you have ever faced than you know how an interview happens. Recreate the whole situation in your mind or start thinking it as a conversation or a discussion. Your nerve will disappear as soon as you will come out from an interview mode to a discussion mode.

4. Stay Calm.

Staying calm is a need for you if you are planning to face an interview. The interviewer is definitely going to get impressed if you showcase a calm and composed body language while your interview. Listen to some good soft music or you can start your day with meditation. Take plenty of rest a day before the interview.

5. Deep self-assessment.

Do a deep self-assessment on what you know and what you don’t know. Keeping it simple, you must know the things you have mentioned in your resume.  Refreshing your previous work done, the skills and technologies you have worked on would help you gain more self-confidence during your interview.

6. Do not compare.

While waiting for your interview, don’t compare yourself with other candidates. They must be good but so are you. Everyone carries a different capability and so carry a different skill set and strength. Trust yourself, your presence and your strength.

7. Look your best.

You feel confident when you are dressed up properly. Wear a pair of dress which you think is among your good collections and are appropriate for the interview. You will feel more confident.

8. Wakey Wakey Morning of the interview day.

Start your day with meditation or exercise whatever works for you for relaxing. Eat right. Don’t have heavy breakfast. Start early to reach interview venue before time so that you have enough time to gather yourself.  Assemble your thoughts, and try to be composed.

Ensure that you must work on your nerves before appearing for the interview or else the hiring manager can become doubtful on your working capability under stress.







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