Go Hachi – Tool for Networkers


Many times we face a barrier of connecting with people for different business prospects, partnerships. Though cold calling is the oldest and a successful method but many a time what a network or a relationship can do, cold calling cannot. Working closely with your network improves your chances of success in cracking a deal or building a successful relationship. Go Hachi is a useful tool for the people who believe in networking and are searching for different business prospects. As an HR professional, I can totally relate to it as a medium of connecting with people via introduction through your contacts. I got introduced to this particular tool through my senior Mr. Chander Sharma where he wanted me to help him out with the analysis on the tool.

Now the question is, how does it work. Once you create an account here, It asks you to assess your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Gmail.  Once you allow,  it collates the data together and increases your reach to your network Instantly.  And once you want to connect to a person, the tool facilitates you with the details of the closest person to whom you can ask to get yourself introduced.

Below is the activity listed step wise. You can follow it step wise to create your account.

  1. Type www.gohachi.com on google. You will see a page like this.
  2. You need to create an account here. You may sign up through your already existing Facebook profile or Gmail or Twitter profile. Sign in with it.
  3. Once you have created the account, the tool will ask for the permission to access your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail account. Once you allow the access, it will gather the data from all these tools and below mentioned page will get reflected. 
  4. This image shows your network strength here. In the above image, it shows that my reach is up to 47cr.  people indirectly. I can reach them out via any of my contacts by getting introduced.
  5. One point to be noted here is that it cannot sink with your LinkedIn account. You need to import your contacts from Linkedin and then upload it to Gohachi.
  6.  Here you can search for people, and save your search as well. It provides information about the person, his current organization, and his highest qualification. Along with that, it will reflect, how you are indirectly connected with the person and who is the right person who could introduce you to him
  7.  Hachi for Terms can be used by the companies for referral hires.
  8. By going into the settings, if you select an option that no one can send you contact request directly, then no one will be able to send it to you directly neither you will be able to send the contact request to anyone directly.Hope the tool is useful for you if you are planning to grow your network and reach for networking or searching right candidate for your company or going out for business development.