Google Hire: Recruiting tool by Google

google hire

Recently all of us heard Mr. Sundar Pichai announcing the entry of Google into hiring space.  Google has introduced a new app recently named HIRE which is an AI based Job search engine. Currently, the app is active in the US only. Hire will basically give a tough competition to Linkedin since LinkedIn has grown as the most powerful super database builder.

The amount of personal data retained by Google is massive, after combining the details across searches, google can actually know every bit about the lifestyle, behavior, Social media presence, preferences of the person hence suggesting the best-suited jobs.  Though Google has denied of sharing any private information of individuals to the companies.

Hire is basically designed for small scale recruitment firms with a head count of fewer than 1000 people. Recruiters now have access to two really strong professional networks for the hiring needs instead of having only one i.e. Linkedin.

How does it work? It integrates with the Google suite you are using currently.  Mentioning few of the key features below;

  1. While interacting with your candidates via Gmail or hire, your mail will get sync in both.
  2. Through Hire, you can block the calendar of your client or interviewer and provide them information about the interview and other details.
  3. Each interviewer can see the feedback of another interviewer once they submit their own feedback.
  4. It’s going to give a tough competition to Indeed, Linkedin and if enters India market, will give a tough competition to and Monster.
  5. It is basically integrating the G suite and making everything at one place, thus making it really easy for recruiters to manage, coordinate and hire.
  6. If you are not sure if it is the right choice for your company, you can always ask for a demo.
  7. You can create multiple hiring processes based on your hiring needs and also can assign a default process to every process.
  8. You can configure to search commonly used social sites and add links to the profile in Hire.
  9. Under feedback section, you can define rating scales to get the clearer feedback of hiring manager.
  10. Hire gives an option to a recruiter to design templates to send messages to the prospective candidates.

Google hire seems to make a start with the candidate management side of the recruitment and of course has a long way to go in identifying and working on the other hiring needs as well. After the takeover of Linkedin by Microsoft, and a product which is owned by Google, we will possibly be seeing a really tough fight which is ultimately going to help out the Job seekers in getting better jobs and the recruiters in identifying better hire prospects. Read about more recruiting tools by clicking on the link Uncover the contact details by Lusha and Network through Go Hachi