Lusha: Uncover The Contact Details In Your Network.


Being in HR professional, a recruiter, a networker, reaching out to the person for hiring or any business prospects have always been taking lots of efforts. It’s a long and digs deep effort to find out the details of the person from the internet.

If you are a recruitment professional and looking for a right candidate, your first action will be to search for the candidate and the second action will be to connect him. If you are Sales, Marketing or a Business development professional or a networker, finding a relevant contact detail is a key of your work area. Here Lusha can work wonders by providing you contact details very easily.

According to a report published on, Lusha uncovers contact details and gives 41% of response rate to increase your productivity.

The question arises, How does it work?

The tool gets integrated with Google Chrome, gets your profile information while getting installed and then provides you the contact details of the person you want to connect. It provides 5 credits per month for free and if you want more credits, you will have to pay a minimal price for that. It has “refer and earn” option as well where you can earn more credit by referring it to your colleagues or friends but again you can refer only 4 people.

You need to follow below-mentioned steps to get started with Lusha:

  1. Type on Google and a page will open up. You will see this page.
  2. You will see an option of signup on the right-hand side of the page. once you sign up,  you will see this page.
  3. Then as a next step, the site will ask you to verify your account and will send a mail to your registered ID. Click on it and you will be able to verify it.
  4. The third step comes as adding it to your chrome. You will see add to chrome option on the page, click them and add the site to your chrome.
  5. And you are given 5 free credits. Once you open your LinkedIn account and open any page, you will see the contact number and email ID on the right-hand side of the page with a Lusha image.
  6. Once you have utilized your 5 free credits, you will be asked to purchase the plan with a minimal amount of investment. The pricing goes like $25 for 50 credits and 1 user,  $ 59 for 200 credits and 3 users and $ 119 for 500 credits and 10 users.
  7.  Choose your plan according to your need as an Individual or as a business.

Cons of the tool:

  1. You can search the contact number and email id from your LinkedIn account only. The tool is not effective on any other social media platform.
  2. As a ratio, 20% of the time, you will not be able to see the contact number but will only be able to see the email ID. Lusha charges for the credit and will not charge if the number is not shown.
  3. Very rarely, it might disturb the UI of the page.

So, hope you found this article helpful in reaching out your network, business prospect or your candidate.