Personal Branding

personal branding

The concept actually means marketing yourself and you as a brand. Today branding is not just associated with a company or a product but has gone at the individual level. Every individual is a brand may be you have not cultivated it yet. This is going to help you a lot in getting a better job offer or a better positioning in your current company.

How do you perceive yourself as a brand? Whatever you wish people to associate you with is a personal brand.  It may be your expertise area on any subject or any other quality that signifies you. A strong personal brand can give you tremendous ROI you can imagine whether you are associated with any organization or you are leading your own company, given you must stay authentic.  Few examples of people who build-up their personal and authentic brand are Michael port, David Meerman Scott, Dave Carrol etc.

You must remember one thing here that personal branding is not about selling. It’s about creating your image, marking your presence to the people around like your clients, your end customers, your candidates etc.

Few of the steps to be followed in building a personal brand are

  1. Check Your Online Presence.

It’s really important to understand what people perceive about you as a person. Search for yourself online and understand that perception. Then only you will be able to rebuild it.

2. Be Authentic

You must ensure staying authentic while putting any information about you, anywhere online. It takes time to build in your image and your personal brand and wrong information about you can really hamper it at a great deal.

3. Social Media Presence

Make sure you are having active accounts on social media like  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. the next thing you should really be caring is keeping a balanced approach towards personal and professional approach. People should know you as a person other than your work. This doesn’t mean you should be revealing your personal information to everybody out there but stay balanced in leaking some bit of personal information as well.

4. Have a personal Website

Having your personal website with your details can help you a lot in creating your brand and making you searched on search engines. It’s actually not necessary to have a lavished website and spend a good amount of money on it. You can keep it simple as well with the details of your work experience, your personal details etc.

5. Create Image

Your brand should reflect the kind of person you are.  Just copying others will really not help in creating your image. Show what you actually are and what you actually care about. Gradually people will understand you and will respect you.

6. Consistency

It’s human nature that we recognize something when it comes in front of us time and again. If you really want your client to recognize your brand, you must keep a consistent image in front of them and show it to them on a regular basis. Quick too and fro may damage your brand and ruin your efforts made. You can use this consistency by using different colors, logos, Themes etc.

7. Communicate Effectively at Public Gatherings

You should start speaking in public gatherings or events. Don’t care about what people will say, stay confident and keep communicating effectively.  Start small and go big. Gradually you will get a chance to speak in bigger public events as well. These activities and engagements will help you a lot in building your personal brand.

8. Know Your Stuff

You must ensure you know what you are talking about. Talking about something you don’t know will only leave a poor impression of yours. So stay authentic and talk about the stuff you already know. There is no harm in talking about your shortcomings or weakness.

The need of your personal brand is increasing day by as the need of people and the organization is increasing to know who you are and what you stand for. So, building your brand is actually going to benefit you in multiple ways. And finally, this is one thing which will accompany you throughout your career and will not get affected by any job switch or company switch.