Social Sweepster: Clean Your Social Media Image

Social Sweepster

Ever encountered a situation when suddenly you come across a picture of yours on social media which you call flattering? You would say “what is the harm in having them?”,  after all social media is for Fun !! Hold on !! There is a news for you if you are a job seeker.  When it comes to hiring a right talent, according to sources, 91% of recruiters use social media to source candidates.  Almost 69% recruiters agreed that they turned down a candidate because they saw something on their facebook, twitter or Instagram profile. Potential employers are increasingly using social Media to filter the candidates. The presence of any incriminating photo or comment can cost you a job.  So, in a simpler term, you social media presence can make you and can break you.

You must be getting worried of thinking of going through a long and time taking the process of screening each and every photo you have kept on social media.  Wait, here the solution for you i.e Social Sweepster.  It’s a service that scans your account, suggests content and photos for removal and swipes your account clean.

Through a combination of computer vision and language processing, the app combs your facebook and twitter account for the pictures and the posts that could adversely affect your job search.

To answer your question on how to use it: below are the guidelines to follow:

    1. Type You will see a page opening up asking you to sign up.
    2. Sign up to the social Sweepster account through an invitation code.
    3. Once you are done with the signup, connect the app with your facebook and twitter account.
    4. As a next step, choose a date range of what you want the app to scan. You can go back until the year 2005 on Facebook while choosing your scan dates.
    5. Based on your dates chosen for the scan, the app can take the time to complete the process based on the content and photos available in your profile. It may vary from few minutes to few hours.
    6. The good part is, once the app is done with the scanning process, it will send you an email notifying the same.
    7. The app divides the content and photos into three categories: High Confidence, Medium Confidence, Low confidence.
    8. The app flags the content consisting bear, wine, smoke, pubs etc.
    9. Every post flagged by the app gives three options:  Delete the photo from your account, Search on the web if it is appearing anywhere else, give feedback.
    10. If you are using a premium account, the app creates a backup of all your photos in Dropbox.

    Few of the limitations for the app are:

    1. It can only work on your Facebook and Twitter account.
    2. Sometimes the scan process takes a much longer time.
    3. It is yet in its initial phase of recognizing the objects. It works like artificial intelligence.  More you repeat a word to it, the more it will catch and recognize the object.
    4. For the premium account users, there is an option of bulk delete of photos but this feature is only supported by Twitter currently.

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